Benton Citrange


Benton Citrange is a hybrid of Ruby Blood sweet orange and P.trifoliata and has performed well as a rootstock for Eureka lemon in a number of replicated trials.

This Rootstock is not very tolerant of high salinity or calcareous soils. Moderately cold and drought tolerant. Performs well on both virgin and replant soils.

Benton citrange is Phytophthora and tristeza tolerant. Overseas reported being tolerant to the citrus nematode.

With Eureka lemon, it produces trees of an intermediate size with good cropping efficiency. Being relatively compact they are more manageable than trees on the more vigorous rough lemon. Possibly a later maturity time than that of Rough lemon. When used as a rootstock for Eureka, Fino and Verna lemons, Benton was a top performer in field experiments situated near Renmark.

Fruit quality characteristics are also good for Eureka lemon on Benton with good juice content and skin thickness. Longer term Australian results with oranges have been less encouraging.