Cox Mandarin Hybrid


Cox Mandarin Hybrid is a scarlet mandarin x P. trifoliata. It is resistant to Phytophthora root and collar rots and has shown promise in screening trials. Cox has relatively seedy fruit and produces uniform, moderately vigorous seedlings in the nursery.

The Cox is productive and seedy. Showed resistance to Phytophthora root and collar rots as well as compatibility with Eureka lemon.

It also said that Cox showed sufficient promise to be recommended for planting in virgin and replant soils.

Under drip irrigation and in a deep sandy loam soil type Cox and Benton performed well as rootstocks for Eureka SL. Internal fruit quality was similar at full-colour maturity in mid-June. The yield was generally higher on Cox.

The Cox hybrid rootstock had stronger growth than Benton rootstock in this situation, most likely due to the mandarin component of its parentage being more adapted to poorer soil conditions.