Eureka Lemon


This lemon has a bitter taste and has fewer seeds than other varieties (5 seeds per fruit). The skin on the Eureka is medium to thin and bright yellow, usually with ridges on the surface.

Internally, the flesh is a green-yellow colour. The size of the Eureka is usually medium to small but can increase in size rapidly after reaching full maturity and has the tendency to produce fruit in terminal clusters.’

The shape of the fruit is elliptical to oblong and has a short neck and medium nipple.

The tree has fewer thorns than other varieties and is medium in size and vigour. Trees are precocious, productive and have a spreading habit with sparse foliage. Eureka lemon trees are markedly less cold tolerant than Lisbon lemon and are virtually thornless, making picking easier. Eureka lemon is incompatible with Poncirus trifoliata, Troyer and Carrizo citranges and Swingle citrumelo.

The Eureka lemon is compatible with Benton citrange, Rough lemon, sweet orange and the recently released trifoliate hybrids Fraser and Cox.