Flying Dragon


An ancient ornamental form of Poncirus trifoliata from Japan.

Tolerance to environmental and soil conditions Assumed to display similar good tolerance to citrus tristeza virus and Phytophthora as conventional P.trifoliata selections.

Likely to be intolerant of saline conditions or soils that are highly acid or alkaline. It can withstand cold and wet conditions. It is well suited to permanent cultivation in a pot.

Only used commercially in situations where a high degree of vigour reduction is required, such as very high density planting. Yields per hectare are generally low on account of the small tree size, though this can be overcome to some extent with closer spacing. The stock is best suited to home garden situations where a smaller tree with high fruit quality and good on-tree storage is desired.

High internal fruit quality, though fruit size can be reduced. Good compatibility has been reported with oranges and grapefruit but the performance of mandarins and lemons is less assured (it is likely to be incompatible with Eureka lemon).