Lisbon (Prior)


This variety of lemon produces one main crop in winter and early spring. Internally the flesh colour of the fruit is a pale greenish-yellow and very tender with high juice and acid levels. Seed content varies from seedless to a few per fruit.

Externally the lemon had a medium to thick yellow rind once matured and is known for being smoother in texture and less ribbed than the Eureka variety.

The size of this variety is medium and the shape is elliptical to oblong with an inconspicuous neck and prominent nipple.

These lemons can sell for premium prices on the Australian market between late November and February.

The trees are vigorous growers and extremely productive. Branches are particularly thorny, especially when young.

Lisbon lemon tree will grow to be quite large and have a vigorous, upright growth habit. It will need to grow at wide spacings and are much thornier than Eureka lemon.

Fruit is produced on the inside of the tree canopy and therefore protected from wind, sun and cold damage. The Lisbon is hardier than Eureka with greater cold and heat tolerance and is grown successfully in the cool winter/hot summer.

Unlike Eureka, Lisbon is compatible with Poncirus trifoliata and Troyer and Carrizo citrange rootstocks. It can also be budded on Rough lemon rootstock but this combination produces very large trees. is highly productive.