Navelina (7.5 Spain) Navel


The Navelina is the most widely planted of the new early season navel varieties.

The fruit has a medium to high level of juice content and it matures up to about four weeks earlier than the Washington Navel. Externally, the shape of the Navelina can range from round to elongated in appearance and is well known for its tapered navel end. The Navelina has a great length of tree life and can hold its quality for up to ten weeks after the first maturity before beginning to deteriorate.

The Navelina has an attractive peel which is a deep orange in the earlier part of the season before changing to a deep orange-red later in the season.

The trees are small to medium in size and are suitable for high-density plantings. Prolific early cropping but can also show a tendency to alternate bearing.