Troyer Citrange


A hybrid of Washington Navel Orange and Poncirus trifoliata.

Intolerant of high pH soils with high levels of available calcium and also intolerant of saline conditions.

Trees on these stocks frequently show micronutrient deficiencies (zinc, iron, manganese), especially in the spring flush. Suitable for replant sites. Moderately cold tolerant.

Best results with Troyer/Carrizo citrange are achieved in well-drained soils. Both rootstocks are unsuitable for heavy clay soils.

Mature trees are medium to large. Young trees on these stocks are vigorous and produce good crops of high-quality fruits in their early years.

Troyer and Carrizo citranges are tolerant of tristeza virus and Phytophthora root rot but are less tolerant than Poncirus trifoliata.

Troyer and Carrizo citrange are highly nucellar and produce uniform, vigorous, upright stocks that are easy to manage in the nursery.